Calling You chords

Paradise Motel


>From the Album: Still Life and the EP: Please Keep Me Safe Written by Charles Bickford and Matthew Aulich Transcribed by Stephen Cobb (email-removed) Riff 1: e-|-7------------------------------------ B-|-9---9-----9-----9-----7------7-----7- G-|-9-9-----9-----9-----9------9-----9--- D-|-9-----9-----9-----9------9-----9----- A-|-7------------------------------------ E-|-0------------------------------------ Riff 2: e-|-12-----12-----12-----12-----12- B-|---12-----12-----12-----12---12- G-|-----11-----11-----11-----11-11- Riff 3: G-|-----9-------9----- D-|---9---9---9---9--- A-|-7-------7-------7- Then Riff 2 Then Riff 1 The rest of the song pretty much alternates between Riff 1 and E F# with the root notes on A.