No More chords

Pete Murray


Simplify chords 

  			Intro / Verso 1:
Em                          F#/D 
He puts his hand down into his pocket 
G                       F#/D 
Pulls out a rose and hands it to his girl 
Em                                          F#/D 
She says hey man what you doin what you sayin 
G                            F#/D 
No, I thought I told you 
Em                             F#/D 
I don't want you here no more 
G                                  F#/D 
So go get out of here so I don't see your face 
Em                                   F#/D 
Your the one who used to beat me to love you 
G                              F#/D 
And I don't want you back again 

Em  F#/D  G 
No More 
No More 
No More 

Verso 2: 
Many times did you swing that hand 
But did you ever see the bruise you used to leave 
I'd spend days I could not go out 
Sometimes it would weeks 
So don't come back thinking I'm okay 
Cause really man, I hate you to the core 
You're the most gutless thing I've ever known 
Or ever saw 

Em  F#/D  G 
No More 
No More 
No More 

A9  B  C 
You can't hide the scars 
You can't hide the scars 

So turn around and just start walking 
Cause we got nothing left to say 
When you're gone you can be assured 
My smile is gonna come back my way 
And I'll wipe you from my memory 
So you don't exist in my day 
But just remember I'll still smell you 
A thousand miles away 

No More 
No More 
No More