Unfinished chords

Pete Murray


Simplify chords 

Intro 2x: C  Em  C  Em  C  Em 

C         Em                          C 
      Well it's been such a long time now 
Em                        C           Em 
And our days together are falling 
               Asus2                C 
And the road hasn't been all smooth 
       Em         C 
But I know that if we 
Em             C    Em 
Try to understand 
Where we both went wrong 
     C      Em        C 
That we can be so happy 
      Em                   C       Em 
After these forbidden times 
Just you and I 

C                        G  G/F#  Em 
And now I know I have to be so strong 
       C                     G  G/F#         Em 
I have to let you find your way home on your own 
C                              G     G/F# Em 
And I don't understand what's tearing us apart 
        C                         G     G/F#    Em 
And I cannot hide the pain that’s rippin up my heart 

( C  Em  C  Em  C  Em  Asus2 ) 

C	Em                            C 
      Right now I know I don't belong 
Em               C       Em 
Here in this situation 
And im sure you understand 
     C  Em             C 
That we have something 
      Em                       C     Em 
Something that is kinda special 
And I don't wanna burn it down 

C	        Em 
      Like I told you 
    C                Em            C 
The best times of my life have been 
      Em              Asus2 
Spent right here with you my friend 


Instrumental: C  Em  C  Em  C  Em 


( C  G  G/F#  Em ) (2x)