Electric Cardigan Rock chords


Transcribed by Andrew Loch (email-removed) Here's my favourite song off Long Player. I've only tabbed out the chord progressions so you'll have to listen to the CD for timing. I think it's fairly accurate although some of the riffs may be wrong because they're just too damn hard to hear over the racket. Intro Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt3 = Pt 2 chords + G|-3-|-4-| |-6-|-8-|-10-b10h11p8| |-10-b10h11-b11| D|-3-|-4-| |-6-|-8-|------------| |--------------| A|-1-|-2-| |-4-|-6-|------------| |--------------| E|---|---| |---|---|------------| |--------------| For the verses, play intro chords without riffs Chorus G|-6-|-4-|---| D|-6-|-4-|-4-| A|-4-|-2-|-4-| E|---|---|-2-| Solo G|-8-6-4-3h4p3h4-| D|---------------| A|---------------| E|---------------|