Piston chords


tabbed by craig patterson email-removed old version was pretty much not right! heres to good one -------- -------------- -3---0-- -0-0-0--0----- -0---0-- repeat as necessary -2-2-2--3----- -x---2-- then play: -2-2-2--3----- -3-0-2-- -0-0-0--1----- -------- -------------- chorus -3--0--0--0---- -3--3--1--1---- -0--2--2--0---- -0--0--3--2---- -2--x--0--3---- -3--2---------- bridge is easy, just use power chords on the a, d and g strings drop us a line craig _________________________________________________________________________ Piston by Pollyanna (From the album Long Player) Transcribed by Andrew Loch (email-removed) Just 5 main chord progressions for this great song. Anyone know the solo? The first 2 chords for the intro & verse may be wrong but sound ok. Intro/Verse chords: G|---|--------|---|---| D|-4-|-3----3-|-6-|-7-| A|-4-|-3-or-3-|-6-|-7-| E|-2-|-1----0-|-4-|-5-| Chorus chords: G|-9-|---|---|---| D|-9-|-9-|-7-|-5-| A|-7-|-9-|-7-|-5-| E|---|-7-|-5-|-3-| Bridge 1 chords: G|-4------|-8-|-4------|-8-|-9-|-11-|-8-|-13-|-11-|-8-| D|-4----9-|-8-|-4----9-|-8-|-9-|-11-|-8-|-13-|-11-|-8-| A|-2-or-9-|-6-|-2-or-9-|-6-|-7-|-9--|-6-|-11-|-9--|-6-| E|------7-|---|------7-|---|---|----|---|----|----|---| Bridge 2 chords: G|-8-8-8/9\8-| D|-8-8-8/9\8-| A|-6-6-6/7\6-| E|-----------| Solo? Outro chords: G|-9-|-8-|-9-|-8-|-9-|-8-|---|---| D|-9-|-8-|-9-|-8-|-9-|-8-|-6-|-7-| A|-7-|-6-|-7-|-6-|-7-|-6-|-6-|-7-| E|---|---|---|---|---|---|-4-|-5-|