I Like Your Old Remix Better Than... chords



Simplify chords 

  			tabbed by Dave Coleman ([email protected]) 
D F# G B C  B 
Verse 1  
G (palm muted)				 
I've got your photographs fifty times on my wall 
A (palm muted) 
I've got your autographed underpants in my drawer 
I'm always singing to your CD in my stereo 
You see me smiling but I'm always in the front row 
G (pm)       			      G 
The day's come and my heart's in a rollercoaster 
A (pm)					A 
A hot new album and it's got a free promo poster 
I'm freakin out and I just can't hide it 
I lost my brain and I'm so excited 
D 			 A  
I rush home to listen to your new sound 
G				     A 
I put it on and shit is all that I heard 
You're nothing like you were before 
And I can't believe that you went and changed 
Oh no 
Dhold)                  A          G       A 
I like your old stuff better than your new stuff X 4 
Verse 2 (Same as Verse 1) 
I thought they understood and now I feel so alone 
Straight away and I'm talking on the telephone 
I call my friends but I don't know what to say  
Regurgitator's new record sounds so pussy 
It's like a cross between Cold Chisel and The Prodigy 
They're fucked now and they sure aren't what they used to be 
You lost a fan and I hope you loose more 
So be prepared for a great big fall 
It's gonna take no time at all for me oh 
To get your songs up and out of my head 
The music sucks and the words mean nothing at all 
So quit this band and never come back again 
And never come back again 
Chorus X 4