I Wanna Be A Nudist chords


Well, this is the second single from ...art. As far as tricky tabs go, this isn't one. Only thing may be your wrist may hurt if you play crap like me but see how you go. As far as I can tell, this sounds OK. Here it is: First bit (eg. the intro): e------------------- B------------------- G------------------- D------------------- A-7/9-999999999999-- E-5/7-777777777777-- Next bit (eg. 'and a wanna be in love...'): e------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------ G------------------------------------------------ D------------------------------------------------ A-7-55555555-77777777-55555555-7-7-7-7-xxxxxxxx-- E-5-33333333-55555555-33333333-5-5-5-5-xxxxxxxx-- Next bit after (eg. chorus): e---------- B---------- G---------- D---7---9-- A-9-5-7-7-- E-7---5---- Bass part at the bit toward the end: G------------------------------------- D---------------------222-22-2222222-- A-2-2-2-22-2/5-55-555----------------- E------------------------------------- Guitar part at the bit toward the end (eg. 'bam bam bam bam...'): e--------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------- D-4-4-4-44-4/7-7-777-9-9-9-99-99999999-- A-2-2-2-22-2/5-5-555-7-7-7-77-77777777-- E--------------------------------------- Play this in time with the sylables in the word NUDIST: e---- B---- G---- D-4-- A-2-- E---- The pattern: --- -4- -2- is repeated all over the song. However the pattern: -4- -4- -2- works just as well. (ie. adding a third finger). However, I don't think it's eused OR nessecary. Now, go have a try. Listen to your CD to see how it fits. Have fun.