The Song Formerly Known As chords


The thing I like about this song is that it is so easy to play, yet it sound so good!! Their are two guitar chords. The bass riff is mainly one note and the drum beat is easy to play. When played live, this sounds very different to the recorded version. You might want to try using a distortion pedal on the bass. Song structure: Intro Verse one Chorus Verse two Chorus Improvising Chorus ?Better than you and me? ?Thank you Mr. DJ? Intro/improvising: E------------- B------------- G-11-11-11 D-11-11-11 A--9--9--9 E------------ Chorus: E--------------------- B--------------------- G-11-11-11--9-9-9 D-11-11-11--9-9-7 A--9--9--9----7-7-7 E---------------------- Rest of the song is basically the chorus being repeated.