Day After Day chords



Simplify chords 

  			CC Hua posted this a few days ago - however when I played it it sounded 
wrong! So I've fixed up the chords, and also tabbed out the bridge. Most 
of the chords are played with an added note - first string third fret (G). 
Play the chords as usual, and use your fourth finger to keep this note 
Email me if you like it! 
          G            F 
Can you pull back the curtain 
C                Am              Em  D  C 
Let the morning light shine through 
G                       F 
Flick the switch on the kettle 
C            Am         Em     D   C 
Open up and step into the blue 
D           G      C       
And all the work I do is done 
D          G          C 
Ive had my stress and now theres none 
D          G        C 
So let me lie here in the sun 
    G       D    C   G/B Am 
Cos I just wanna waste away... 
G   C   F   C 
G   C   F   C 
         G          F          C    
Well its not that I never pay attention 
     Am             Em    D  C 
To a word you sayyyy 
G       F               C  
But its not my place to do it 
Am        Em  D  C 
Day after day 
CHORUS again, but the C