Up To You chords



EP : THE GENTLE ART OF SPOONBENDING TUNING: EADGBE TABBED BY: CC (email-removed) To start, the bass just strums the low E note and then the guitar comes in and plays an E barre chord. Although there are two guitar parts, I?ve sort of blended them into one part cos I only have two hands. Also, I play the chords as barres. Then when the intro kicks in the bass is playing this: e---------------------------- B---------------------------- G---------------------------- D---------------------------- A--------------4-3-0--------- E--0-0--4-3-0---------1-3-3-- While the guitar plays this similar riff: e------------------------------------------ B--------------------14-13----------------- G---------13-12-------------14--10--12-12-- D--14-14---------14------------------------ A------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------ During the verse the progression is E and then Am, but you play the A very briefly at the end of the progression and quickly get back to the E chord. Otherwise it just sounds wanky. PreChorus: Am D Also in the prechorus there?s this cool riff in between the lines e--12-10---------------- B--------12-10---------- G--------------12---14-- D----------------------- A----------------------- E----------------------- CHORUS Am E It's up to you Am E It's up to you C D E Do what you wanna do BRIDGE: Played with some kind of funky wah I think... Progression goes something like: E D C G C D G Then this arpeggio-like riff: e-------------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------------------- G------0---0---0--------0---0---0--------0---0---0--------0---0---0-- D----4---4---4---4----4---4---4---4----4---4---4---4----4---4---4---4 A--2----------------2----------------1----------------1-------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------------- Then Intro / Verse / Chorus Comments and corrections welcome.