Ingrown chords



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Tab by Nick Martin at '[email protected]' 
This is the tab for Smudge's classic 'Ingrown' as found on the 
Manilow LP from a few years ago. You can adapt it easily to suit  
the new version of the song - 'Ingrown (Slight Return)' - from the 
new album. 
The chords on this are pretty right, but maybe not the words!  
It's been a bit of a favourite Smudge song for a while, so every  
time I'd see them I'd learn a little more of the chords. So, by now 
I think I've got it pretty damn close. 
Here goes. The verses just involve moving the index finger 
while playing an open D. See the chord listing to see what I  
mean. I've written the verses in the same 8-line way so I don't  
have to write all the chords out again. It should be pretty easy 
if you listen to the song. Apologies if the text editor has  
screwed up the positions of the chords. 
Verse 1: 
Kind of bored, I find it sad 
  Gmaj7                         C* 
I hold your things, you pull them back 
The face you make looks new to me 
Gmaj7         C* 
But still it's probably 
Went all alone, just the way you look 
       Gmaj7            C*                  D    
I've fallen for every, trick in the book 
Hook, line and sinker 
      C*                                              A    Bm   G      
Feelin' I'm a thinker 
                                    A    Bm   G 
That's how it always goes 
                                    A    Bm   G 
I'm stepping on your toes 
                          A    Bm   G  
And everybody knows... it 
Verse 2: 
Wanted to fill that hole in your mouth 
I leant over, you laughed out loud 
Everybody turned around 
You just turned away 
There's a weight on my mind and it weighs a tonne 
And the answer's right on the tip of my tongue 
But you just watch 
It fall 
Chorus: again, as above 
Verse 3: 
Take it back quick so you  
...won't find out how schizo 
I get when I find out that it's 
...all ingrown 
But it's all overplayed and so overplanned 
I know this routine like the back of my hand  
(no lyrics) 
(no lyrics) 
Em  F#m  Em