Scary Cassettes chords



Simplify chords 

Intro: D, F#m, G (2*),       A, G, A, G 
D             F#m        G                                 D        F#m          G 
I?ve been told that you?ve been bold with Harry, Marc and John, 
        A                          G                           A                              G 
well that?s my second favourite line from my fifth favourite song 
I hope you like Lou,... 
G                         F#m                       Bm                       em                                   G                   
someone a less a little like endow, ...and if you gonna make a move with some space in my life you?ve got share  
               Gm                                D     G, D, G, A, G, A, G  (end with Bm) 
it with a Lou, so I hope you like Lou