Spoilt Brat chords



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  			INTRO: F#m D X3   F#m E 
F#m                         D 
   Had a thought it took me over 
F#m                    D 
   Got an eyeful and I cut it then I threw it 
       A              E              D 
To the dogs that were sleeping in my stuff 
Do my best it's just too dull 
Didn't see that I was capable 
Bm                A 
of anything like that 
     D              F#m D X3  F#m E 
So incensed, spoilt brat 
F#m                     D 
   Kevin, go and get my toolbox 
F#m                              D 
   Something needs fixing and it can't be done 
                    A            E                D 
By changing all the locks, cos I need to move within 
                          A          E              D 
Mother's voice belongs to him and it changes every day 
Can't make up his mind to tell me what to do 
           A         D         F#m D  F#m E 
Or what to say, in a ratio I'm amazed 
          A Dm A Dm Bm 
F#m                           D 
   What do you think that I'm afraid of? 
F#m                             D 
   Don't look at me that way or question it 
                    A              E             D 
Or use that tone of voice cos it's grating on my skin 
I don't want to let you in 
        E            D 
Cos I'm quiet deep inside 
Give me some room if I'm not too polite 
You fill him with disgust 
          D               F#m D X4 
Can't you see it's just a rut? 
Chords by [email protected] 
Lyrics by John Walbank 
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