Over To You chords

The Superjesus


G|-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-------| D|--------6-----------6-----------6-----3----| A|--------------------------------------3----| Clean for the whole Intro E|--8-----------6-----------4-----------1----|
Verse chorsd are: C5 Bb5 C#5 F5 And Clean for the whole verse And the Chorus chords are: C5 Bb5 C#5 F5 Eb E5 and i'm not sure In only the chorus and the solo Does the overdrive come in. What the last one is. And the little tab bit at the end of the Chorus On the second time it is played is this
G|-----------------------------12----------8h9-9-9-8-11-| D|--12h13-13-13-12-17-17-17-13----17-13-17--------------|
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