Safer Emergency chords

The Superjesus

wardes notes: * Basic chord tab with no timing * One of my favourites on the album. The chorus is a killer! tuning: DADGBE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verse E------------| B------------| G--7-7-5-7---| D--7-7-5-7---| A--5-4-3-5---| D--5-4-------| Last bit of the verse progression E--------------| B--------------| G--7-7-5-8-7---| D--7-7-5-8-7---| A--5-4-3-6-5---| D--5-4---------| Chorus E--------------| B--------------| G----12----8---| D--8-12-10-8---| A--8-10-10-6---| D--8----10-----|