Crowe's Lullaby chords



E My {E}new born crow, I'll F#m}watch you grow, tell you {A}what I know, my {E}new born crow I'll {E}treat you good, do the things a F#m}big crow would, falling {A}short of spewing in your mouth I'll {E}treat you good And when your G#m}old enough, I'll throw you {D}out of a tree, meta{F#m}phorically So you can {A}be like me So you can {E}fly a{A}way from me, {E}fly a{A}way from me, G#m}fly- {tacet}oh sorry, I woke you {E}up Since {E}you're awake, F#m}eat this steak, lets get you on {A}solids as fast as we can {E}Stay ahead of the other man And if the G#m}other guy's in you way, then treat him {D}mercilessly Hang him F#m}from a high tree, unless the {A}other guy's me Then you'd better {E}fly a{A}way from me, {E}fly a{A}way from me, run and G#m}hide Oh, stop {A}crying You're a {E}Crowe, let 'em F#m}know That if you {A}can't be a nice guy, be the greatest actor {E}in the world Which you can't {E}be, 'cos the greatest actor is F#m}me You'd better {A}watch your back son, you'd better {D}turn round and run And when your {E}thirteen you out of the house, your gone, I'm F#m}over ya (Shoo bi doo wop do wa) It's nothing {A}personal son, it's just my triscadeco{B}phobia And then you'd better {E}fly- E(stop)}oh {tacet}Mums home Oh, hi Danielle Oh, little baby girl just had a nightmare, didn't she? She's fine now Sweet dreams E Comments? Corrections? email-removed