Monkey Magic Theme chords



Okay. Here's another one of Tripod's rippers they did on triple j It probably won't make any sense unless you can listen to the song. I'm not entirely sure how correct this is, as it's hard to here the guitar in the background Spoken parts: repeat as many times as necessary It is something like this or around a chord like this: (just play around till you find a chord that sounds something like japenese music) E|--10- B|---8- G|--10- D|---X- A|---8- e|--10- E|-----------------10------8---------------------10------8--------||- B|----------------------------------------------------------------||- G|---------10-----------------10---------10-----------------10---*||- D|---------------------------------------------------------------*||- A|------8-----------------------------8---------------------------||- e|--10---------10------10---------10---------10------10-----------||- Spoken (in bad chinese accent) "I'll talk the beginning" Narrator: "Tafacada Bhuda, the Father Bhuda say, With thought, we make the world But with good teeth, anything is possible. Look at Brad Pitt. Who needs to make the world, he gets to make the whoopie. Time, and elemental forces, caused an egg to hatch. From this egg came a STONED monkey" Monkey: (inhales)"Pass it round Sandy, this is good stuff" Trippitacca: "No, no, Monkey. A STONE monkey" Monkey: "What? I'm made of stone? You really are trippy, Tacca!" (Music stops)(Much laughter cracking had by Merric and Rosso and the boys) "The nature of Monkey was, irrepressable" (Goodies theme) (except for the first chord, strum the chord once, then palm mute for the rest) C#7 (let ring) One, two, three, four, D pm.............................. Born from an egg on a mountain top E pm........................ Funkiest monkey to ever rock A pm................................ Knew every magic trick under the sun A pm................................ Tease the gods and everyone hey hey hey D G Monkey_____, Monkey Magic Yeah Yeah D A Monkey_____, He's ready for you D G Monkey_____, Monkey Magic Yeah Yeah D(stop) Here he comes, on a cloud, badly dubbed, gettin' down! D A D A Baddadadadadadadadadada Baddadadadadadadadadada Spoken: Monkey: "Now, Trippitacca, come clean. Peace has been restored to our land. We've killed all the bad guys, now tell me...You're a GIRL aren't you?" Trippitacca: "No, no, no Monkey, I'm a bloke, really. I love the Footy." Monkey: "What are THEY then?" Tt: "I told you before Monkey. These are Man Boobs. One day everyone will have them. Right Merrick?" Merrick: "..(gasping).......................Yes!" Narrator: "Later, Monkey and Sandy.........You alright?" Merrick: "Sorry, delayed reaction." Narrator: "Later, Monkey and Sandy have a Heart to Heart, which was also an excellent television program" Monkey: "Sandy. How can I make Trippitacca notice me?" Sandy: "It could be because of your teeth, they're awful Monkey" Monkey: "Not as awful as your impersonation!" Sandy: "Oh I only had an hour Monkey, what do you want? Anyway, get into the chair, I work on you" Monkey: "Chair? That's no chair. That's a Jason Recliner!" Sandy: "Rinse, floss, spit" M: "oh, okay" Sandy: "Rinse, floss, spit" M: "Mmm, I like it" A(quickly strummed) Sandy: "Rinse, floss, spit" M: "yeah" Sandy: "Rinse, floss, spit" A E7 A Teeth teeth teeth teeth, everybody loves teeth (teeth teeth teeth) A E7 A Teeth teeth teeth teeth, everybody loves teeth Rince floss spit A B Teeth in the morning teeth in the evening C# D Everybody knows that teeth is best A E7 A(let ring) Teeth teeth teeth teeth, everybody loves tee_______th Chords strummed in background with Ooooooooooh Em Am D B, Em Am B Spoken: Sometimes, the answer to our problems is right under our noses. Behind our lips, infront of our tongues: Teeth! Teeth is what I'm trying to say, geez! Monkey never did win the affections of Tripitacca, but with his good teeth he did get a plum role on Home And Away. Sandy opened up his own dental prictice in his living room and called it: "Dental as Anything." And for Pigsie? Who gives a toss? Em Am C B In Gondarra, Gondarra, They say it was in India Narrator: There's no joke in this song? Yon: It's just a great song, we want to sing it, right? Em Am B Em Gandarra, Gandarra, the taste of life Gondarra Then back to Goodies theme, and end. (Of course, you can cut out the bits with Merrick laughing his tits off)