DVD Love Song chords



Transcribed by Rob email-removed Lyrics form Penny: http://3pod.penny.id.au Adam: Are Tripod ready, want to do their song-in-an-hour challenge this morning? Scod: Nah! Gatesy: Sooo not ready! Adam: Well, we'll pad for you for about another twenty seconds but that's probably not much help because you can't really play in the background. What have we set them this morning? Yon: Do you want to hear us rehearsing again, do you? Adam: What have we set them, Wil? Wil: Well, basically we asked for a love song - two people in a bit of a love song, with a third person interrupting said love song. Adam: Okay... Wil: But we didn't put any more boundaries on it than that. Whatever you want to take that with. Adam: Two people trying to crack onto each other while someone else just gets in the way. And then at the last second, (well, a little bit a while ago), we threw in a bit of a curve ball, and that was? Wil: That there should be a DVD feature in the song. You know, it could be a voiceover, it could be a little documentary, but a DVD feature of some kind. Adam: Added extras. Take it away, Tripod - the DVD version of the love song! A E Dsus2 Gatesy: Six years we've been together now, A E Dsus2 Yon: Just three larrikins, knocking about. F#m E Scod: Remember when we broke into the police station, A D And tried to steal all the cops? F#m G & S: That was a bad idea, E But we were naive. A Yon: Come on, it wasn't that bad an idea! I reckon it would have worked E A if we'd all worn the cat suits and done cartwheels to avoid the lasers. Gatesy: Yeah, thanks. A E Dsus2 G & S: I thought those times would never change, A E Dsus2 Yon: I thought that we'd be shooting fruit launchers forever. F#m E A D G & S: But now we've grown older and we're more comfortable in our skin, Yon: Urgh! F#m E A D G & S: All kinds of grown-up feelings start slowly creeping in. Yon: You know, I've got hair on my shoulders now. Do you guys have that? Gatesy: Thanks. Shut up! Scod: Yon! D Gatesy: Every day... C A Scod: Every day without you seems a little bit colder, D Every day... C A Gatesy: But when I think about you I'm a little bit bolder. F#m D* E(let ring) (*could be a Bm, not sure) G & S: Maybe the time has come to run away... Yon: Where are we going? A E D Scod: I can't stop thinking of you, Yon: Thanks! Scod: Not you! A E D Gatesy: There ain't no nothing we can't love each other through. Yon: "Ain't no nothing we can't"... that's a quadruple negative, well done! F#m E G & S: So late at night, when heaven explodes, A D And volcanoes start to burn. Yon: Meatloaf F#m E G & S: I realise the naked truth, A D That it's for you for whom I yearn. F#m E (Stop) Scod: Oh Gatesy, will you be mine? A Asus4 Gatesy: Scoddy, yes I will! A Asus4 D Dsus4 (played during spoken "DVD Extra - Directors Comments") Yon: Ah, you're listening to Simon Hall, the director of this piece. Gatesy: This is Gatesy, I performed in it. Yon: This is the scene where, ah, Gatesy lowers himself down, upside-down in the rain... Gatesy: It was raining at the time, wasn't it? Yon: It was raining, and kisses Scod. And it was very difficult because he had to pull his mask off... Gatesy: Ohhh! Yon: And once the mask came off... Gatesy: Full of water! Yon: (Makes nasal noses) That's the rain, it went up his nose! Gatesy: And Scod's glasses were fogging up... Yon: Yeah, I remember we had to do fifty takes or so of that... Gatesy: But it was funny - we laughed. Yon: The bit you're watching now is, ah, is Scod standing on top of the Eiffel Tower in a bikini, but we felt that this didn't further the story so it was removed from the final cut. Gatesy: Yeah, we deleted it. D Scod: Every day... C A G & S: Every day without you seems a little bit colder. Yon: Are there any duos out there that need a third person? D Gatesy: Every day... C A G & S: When I think about you I'm a little bit bolder. Yon: I don't play the guitar but people tell me I look funny. F#m Bm E(let ring) G & S: Maybe the time has come to run away... (Silence) Yon: Fellas? Fellas? They've gone! A(let ring) G & S: To run away! Yon: Oh no, still there.