I Will Be There chords



Transcribed by Rob email-removed Chords D Dsus2 G6 G6/F# G A Bm Bm/A B Em E F#m C#m Ab E/F# E/G# |-3----0----0---0---3--0--2----2----2---0--0----2----4----4----0----0--- |-2----2----2---2---3--2--3----3----4---0--0----2----5----4----0----0--- |-3----3----0---0---0--2--4----4----4---0--1----2----6----5----1----1--- |-0----0----2---4---0--2--4----4----4---2--2----4----6----6----2----2--- |-0----X----X---X---2--0--2----0----2---2--2----4----4----6----2----2--- |-X----X----X---X---3--0--2----X----2---0--0----2----4----4----2----4--- Intro: Dsus2 G6 G6/F# G (hammer on A string second fret) G Yon starts to play trumpet. Dsus2 G6 G6/F# G(h on A) Candle dies, on a bedside table Dsus2 G6 G6/F# G I touch your cheek, and you softly smile Dsus2 G6 G6/F# G You turn to sleep, but I hold you tighter G(let ring) A I wanna talk for a while (audience laughs, then Gatesy says: What?!) D A At the end of the day, Bm When you're left all alone A D I'll be there A When you're all out of hope, Bm And you just can't go on A G I'll be there F# I'll be right by your side Bm In me you can confide Bm/A G I will take it in my stride Em A(let ring) There's no need to hide Dsus2 G6 G6/F# G Cause I will be there (whistling part) D A When the dishes stack up Bm And the milk is left out A I'll be there D A When the HiFi's too loud Bm And you're having to shout A I'll be there G F# When the lights get left on Bm And the Tim Tams* are all gone Bm/A G And the bill to your phone Em A B Is eight pages long_______ E I will be there_____ B When the chips are left on C#m And the kitchen burns down B E I'll be there, I will be there______ B When your friends move away C#m To a whole other town B I'll be there A Ab When your car had been rolled C#m And dumped in Werribee B A And your Grandma is sold F#m Into white slavery Ab And there's rubble and wreckage C#m(let ring) Where your flat used to be A(let ring) And the wrong form gets signed F#m(let ring) B(let ring) And you wake up an amputee E E/F# E/G# Yup, I will be there A E E/F# E/G# I will be there, you're in my care A E E/F# E/G# I will be there, I'll brush your hair A(let ring)E(play each string low to high) I will be there_________ *Tim Tams are a registered trade mark of Arnotts Australia Be careful where you use it, cause they might try and sue you