Josephine chords



{G}Josephine, I have {D}been, pretty {Em}keen, saw you in a maga{Am}zine, Jose{C}phine "Yeah, she was a model" "No, she entered one of those desperate and dateless ads in the paper mate" I just {G}knew, it was {D}you, who could {Em}do, all the things I need ya {Am}to "You mean like the dishes and that" "No, he means sexual things" "No, I actually mean the dishes" "Right" It was {C}you {F}Walkin' down the esplenade on {C}Sunday morning/night/afternoon {G}Bought a bottle of wine and went to {F}Luna park/the doctor/watch them film the secret life of us {F}Then we sang our song it was a {C}happy tune "How'd it go again, what was it?" Um, too {G}too too too too too too too too {F}"What?" No, I think it was spirits of the forest can you hear me "No no no, it wasn't that" {C}And then Jackie had to pick up the furni{D}ture "It's something like that" "Oh" I would ask you to {G}marry me, if it wasn't for my {D}allergy, let me give you an a{Am}nalogy If I was a fish and you were {C}algae Of course I'd need to be a {G}fish that was al{D}lergic to the {Em}type of algae in this a{Am}nalogy And that's why you can {C}marry me, Jose{D}phine "That doesn't mean anything" {G}"Whose story is this anyway?" "It's mine/mine/mine" Jose{G}phine, I have {D}touched seen heard With my {Em}crutch bean word And my E7}dutch clean bird -Expletives expletives- "It's not working" "Look. lets just wind it up" "Yep" Baby if you were from {G}Staffordshire, the I couldn't {D}have ya here But Josephine your not {Am}terrier, 'cos all my friends would {C}laugh at yer Of course you'd need to be the {G}kind of dog that {D}everyone app{Em}roved of and then I could {Am}have ya here And that's why we can {C}marry yer, Jose{D}phine "So Josephine's a dog?" "No, it's an analogy" "Yeah, she's a D9}fish, you idiot" "It's too early for this" "For f***s sake" Jose{G}phine Question? Comments? email-removed