Kempt chords



Transcribed by Rob email-removed Dm A Yon: My life was completely astrous when I met you. Scod: Not disastrous. A Dm Yon: So gruntled with this life I thought I had. Scod: Opposite of disgruntled. A# Gm Yon: How could a love so perfect be so vincible. Scod: Not invincible. A#sus2 Yon: I could have sworn that you were scrutable, C My judgment was so bad. (pause) Scod: Bad, opposite of unbad. Yon: But you were F Dm Tripod: Kempt, so kempt, A# C Everything about you was seemly Gm A You were kempt, so kempt! Dm(let ring) Yon: Of course I?d be bedevilled, A#(let ring) So gusting and so shevelled A# C Were you_________. Dm A Yon: It started out so wholesome, so pure. S & G: Tell them about it. A Dm Yon: We engaged in speakable acts. S & G: Nothing too saucy. A# Gm Although we had hibitions we were totally toward A#sus2 S & G: You should have seen it coming. A#sus2 Yon: But I always had a tendency to C Tripod: Underreact D# Our love is defunct F When it once was funct Dm You debunked all the myths D# (stop) You had previously bunked Yon: When you were F Dm Tripod: Kempt, so kempt, A# C Everything about you was seemly Gm A You were kempt, so kempt! Dm Yon: Of course I?d be bedevilled, Gm(let ring) So gusting and so shevelled (Palm muted) Gm F Were you____________ Gm Tripod: You always seemed so honest, F Yon: And so sidious. You are an angel Gm Tripod: I checked your phone bill F Yon: It was full of crepancies. Scod: Everything was in order! A Gm Tripod: But I found out one evening you?d been creet! Yon: AHA! A# Tripod: When you and your ex D# A# booked a motel cogni___to___________ F(let ring) Gm(let ring) Yon: Your ex, your ex! It was a personal attack! Am(let ring) A# Am C(let ring) You were going out with prefixes behind my back! (breaks down crying) Scod: Poor little fella Gatesy: Look what?s happened to the little fellow now, huh? His heart?s completely roken! Although he does hang out with some serious lappers! You know the kind of lutty type. Scod: Gatesy, this song?s not actually about just taking the first letter off words. Gatesy: What? I mean, hat? Scod: Gatesy, this song?s about prefixes, alright. Like in, or ex, or un. If you find an un in a word and you take that out. Audience member: Begun! Gatesy: As in, you?re not very f-ny? Scod: Yeah, I could think of a better example is you?re a c-t. (Pause) Gatesy: HEY! Scod: Let?s have another crack at it shall we? Dm Scod: He asked you questions A No more terrogation A Gatesy: He acted and he umped, Dm DUMPED you straight away. A# S & G: You?re free, Gm Enjoy your new found carceration . A# Yon: You?re the ex I always pected, A# I'll never member you again. C You always derstood me anyway. D# Tripod: You sent a liminal message, F By cheating with your ex. Dm D#(let ring) But I just think you had an feriority complex. Yon: But anyway, I found someone else. And she is F Dm Kempt, so kempt. S & G: Oooooh oooooh A# C Yon: Everything about her is seemly Gm A Tripod: She is kempt, so fucking kempt! Dmlet ring) Her Christian name is Ingrid, Gm(let ring) Yon: She let?s me call her Grid. A#(let ring) C(let ring) F(let ring) Tripod: And she takes off her derpants for me________! Scod: Thank you!

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