On Behalf Of All The Geeks chords



I do love this song - it's so sticky, AND the chorus can be used in daily life! eg, when my cousin forced me to sing backing vocals when I lost a bet with him regarding whether or not Winamp 4 existed. Tab based on Fegh Maha version. Thanks to Penny's Tripod Site for the lyrics (http://3pod.penny.id.au). It's listed as Lord of the Rings under Skithouse. Blah blah doesn't belong to me blah cos when last checked was not hilarious, talented or a part-human part-cyborg etc etc. If you have anything to say / are the Large Bags of Money Goblin / happen to be called Scod, Yon or Gatesy please email amandakuekyahoocomau. Thanks. ============================================================= Intro (as below, 3 times): Am (pluck strings)
E |--------------|0-------------| B |--------------|1-------------| G |---------2----|2-------------| D |----2---------|2-------------| A |0-------------|--------------| E |--------------|--------------|
G E Am Scod: On behalf of all the geeks, G E Am Am I'd just like to say, G E F I've been telling you all along, E (stop) That Lord of the Rings was cool. Am Am Am Am G E Am Yon and Gatesy: He told you so many times... Scod: I told you... G E Am Yon and Gatesy: He told you so many ways... Scod: I told you... G E F E (stop) I wore a cloak to school every day, Am G E But who's laughing now? Ha ha ha ha... Yon and Gatesy: (Maniacally) Ha ha ha ha ha! Am G F Am G F Tripod: Now you'll all do as I did, Am G F E E7 You'll name your first child "Bilbo". Am G E Am Don't try to catch up now, G E Am It's too late to make amends. G E F G You were far too busy with girls and cars and sport... Am Scod: ... and friends...