That's Why I'm Sending You... chords



Tabbed by Shelley (email-removed) CHORDS USED: A D E C# A7 Dm Pretty much in most of it the bits in the brackets are Scod and Yon and the bits not in brackets are Gatesy. If you are really confused, just email me (email-removed) A Well now honey D A We've had a good life, you and me All these years E We've been so happy A D D (D# bass)* But now lately, things just ain't working A E A So I think, it's time to just let it be. D____________ (let ring) And that's why I'm sending you A This text message, D_______________ (let ring) To let you know that we're through E Concicely A A7 D D (D# bass)* It was great (G-R-8) To be (2-B) With you (W-I-T-H-U) A E A E But now honey (H-1-E) Oh, we're through (T-H-R-U) D ___________ (let ring) I wish that I had predicted A That it would end this way, D ________ (let ring) Just like my phone can predict E What I wanna say A A7 It was ace (bad-caf-ace) And I hate (have-gave-gate-hate) D Dm _______ (let ring) To lose (lord-lose oh lore-kore-jord-lord-lose) A What we had you and I C# But I'm not the right guy D E (let ring) I don't wanna see you cry_______ A I'd rather did... *beep* die. *I'm sorry I don't know if that's what you say for that chord. You know what I mean, instead of the notes being D, F#, A they are D#, F#,A. **In the verses, you can sort of finger-pick the notes rather than just playing the chord.