Urine Town chords



Transcribed by Rob email-removed
CHORDS G(X) D(X) |--10------10---- |--12------10---- |--12------11---- |--12------12---- |--10------12---- |--10------10----
G(X) D(X) Lights up Curtain open G(X) D(X) over and over Just another happy day in Urine Town G(X) D(X) over and over F E(stop) There's nothing to damp your mood or get you do_____wn G D G D (play open or bar chords, whatever you want) In Urine Town G D G D We don't have problems, that we can't work out G A A# (stop) Weee weee weeeeeeeeee G D G D In Urine Town G D (over) Excuse me sir, can you direct me to the theatre? I came all the way from Pissburg, and I'm gonna make it big! I'm gonna write my name on every wall in town! Am F Am You might as well go home, son, you might as well go home Em Dm C G The Urine Factory's closed, and (mumble mumble mumble) (tacet) What was that last bit Mr? Am You might as well go home- (tacet) Yeah, yeah yeah, sorry I heard that Am F There used to be a steady stream of gold here Dm Em Now it's just wet and cold here F Am Since the Urine Factory closed down (tacet) Hey sir, excuse me but what is wrong with you? I'm really pissed. Oh, right. Well you sound like Yon doing an impression of Tom Waits I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. And who are you, Mr? I'm the guy who tells you about the town meeting. Oh! Blah balh blah blah Order order! F A# It's all gone to piss here in Urine Town F A# It's all gone down the drain F A A# Nothing gets passed her in Urine Town F C What are we gonna do? I know: Am We might as well go home- Oh shut up will you Mr Order! Order! The Mayor wants to speak! F A# Everything may stink here in Urine Town F A# But if we all pull together as a team F A A# We can kick another goal here in Urine town, F A A# We can push through the pack here in Urine Town F A A# It's not over til the siren goes in Urine Town G(stop) Yes! But what are we gonna do? Oh, excuse me. I have an idea! Don't listen to him, he's from Pissburg. But wait, listen! Hear me out! We don't need the urine factory. We can make our OWN urine! Oh no! Oh oh oh oh, That's preposterous! WAIT! WAIT! I believe in him. G D (slowly) She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Skin as white as porcelain. Eyes as blue as the bluest water you can imagine. A handy, duck shaped neck, perfect for all those awkward, hard to reach spots. I felt, like I'd pissed my life against the wall, until this moment. G Look at the stars, D Look how they shine for you C And every thing you do G It was all yellow *(The above bit was cut out for the CD for obvious copyright reasons) G D(over and over fast like start) So come on eveyone! Pull down your pants! We can all put in our share! This town's destiny, is in our own hands. G D G D G D The future's bright and clear here in Urine To___wn (G & D) So the town shook off the yoke of corporate oppression G D G D F C You can hear from miles around the hissing sou___nd C And pissing became something that everyone did. F C In Urine To_____wn And I married that girl D In Urine To____wn