Where's Wally chords



Submitted by Beth Hey dudes. This versions pretty basic, and the chords run out after a while. This is due to the fact that I copied it off Tripod's copy, rather than listening to the CD. Yes, I stole the Song-in-an-hour. But I *did* try to give it back. Yay. anyway, here it is. Oh, if the didn't perform what they wrote down, then this'll be wrong! Where's Wally Cm F S & G Sometimes I feel like nobody notices me Lost in a crowd and shouting out loud come find me G# G7 I don't wanna come across bitter and dramatic G# G7 But every crowd I get lost in seems so thematic Eflat BFlat It's always engineers or elephants or rodeos or space-themed idgets A flat G I woulda thoughta I woulda stood out int a crowd of lesbian midgets C Dm G Y It's always where (where where) where's wally C Dm G I just can't bear (where where) where's wally Am But it's not fair Cos I'm right there and you just stare One time in my life I'd like to hear There's Wally Cm F G Everybody says my look is quite distinctive Cm F Picking me out in a crowd should be instinctive A flat G My frustration it is never ending A flat G Wearing all this red and white and still I blend in E flat Who would ever have imagined S That I'd be dressed the same as everyone at a beauty pageant G Bloody models S Wearing beanies G And scarves Chorus G Who's that guy?!? S That's Wally!! G Wow, he's the bomb! I wanna dance with that guy! S Um, he only knows one dance G What is that dance?!? S The cha cha!! G Huh? S Ahh You thought I was going to say the hokey-pokey! Y That topic is now officially covered!!!! G Sometimes I dream of a place where I can fly to Y I'm sick and tired of everyone dressing like I do G What's the point of us being Wally when everyone out-wally's us. Maybe I shoule get some new clothes, bulk up, get a tan, lose the glasses, neaten up the bikini line by means of electrolysis And they'll say: There (there there) There's Wally! He's got no hair (but there's) Wally. Bup bup bup (repeat)