Beautiful chords

Vineyard UK


Simplify chords 

C2                      F2 
 I need you like the rain 
C2                       F2 
 Come to me and sing again 
C2                          F2 
 I long for your love so much 
C2                         F2 
 I've wanted your pure touch 
Am               G          F2 
  You are beautiful, beautiful 
                Am          G 
  You are beautiful, beautiful 
  So beautiful, beautiful 
C2                   F2 
 I need You to be here 
C2                            F2 
 Come to me, I can feel you near 
C2                         F2 
 I love you, You are my hope 
C2                     F2 
 You love me as Your own 
Repeat Chorus (6x) 
Repeat Verse1 
Repeat Chorus