O Great Light chords

Vineyard UK


Simplify chords 

C  Csus/F C  Csus/F 

verse 1 
                  C        Csus    C 
You've undone the grave and beat my sin 
             G        F        C 
That I might know the life You give 
                 C     Csus     C 
Youâ??ve called me in to know the God 
               G             F        C 
That flung the stars and yet holds my heart 

  Csus        C 
O great light come 
     Csus        C 
Shine Your great love 
Let it soak to the depths of me 
    F       C 
And rule my heart 
   Csus   C         Csus      C 
Until the day, when my timeâ??s up 
        G           F          C 
O Jesus come, shine Your great love 

G              F                C  Cadd9 C Csus C 
  Come wake me up, come stir my soul 
G               F                   C  Cadd9 C Csus C 
  Come move and breathe and make me whole 

verse 2 
Now I am Yours, my heartâ??s content 
Forsaking all to be Your friend 
So let me love the things You love 
Walk in faith and not give up