Never Look Back chords

Worth Dying For



Intro:  F#m      D 

Verse: 1 

F#m                    A                                    E 
Hope in Your hands   redemption Your plan 
                        D                                 F#m 
You sent Your Son   to do what I can’t 
                          A                                        E 
Love nailed You down   forever Your crowned 
You have saved us all 

D                      A                  E 
We will follow You to the cross 
                     D                   A       E 
Where Your Love redeemed the lost 
                D         A        E 
You have given endless hope 
And we will, never look back 
A                          E 
Never look back, no 

Verse: 2 

                     A                              E 
Empty made whole   the broken restored 
                      D                                  F#m 
Saved by the Son   we sing of Your Love 
                       A                                          E 
Let our praise rise and brake through the skies 
To the Holy One 

Instrumental:  F#m  Abm  A  B  C#   F#m  Abm  A  D 


          E              A/C#   D/F# 
It was Love that saved us 
                       E/G#           D/F#     A 
Through Your Cross You freed us 
                     E/G#                    D        A/C# 
and by Your grace you have changed us 
          E            A/C#       D 
It was Love that saved us