Spirit Of God chords

Worth Dying For



Am      E/G#      G      D/F#      F      G      Am      Dm      E      


     Am   E/G#  G      D/F# 
     Ho - ly    is our God 
     Send Your rain 
     Flood this place 
     Am             Dm      E 
     Let Your power fall on us 

  Am                         F 
     Spirit of God won't You fall down like rain 
      C                     Em 
     Awaken our hearts, I'm running to You 

Instrumental 1: 

Am     E/G#      G      D/F#       **Back to verse** 


    Am (2 beats) 
    Let Your rain fall 
             G/B (2 beats) 
    Let Your wind blow 
             C (3 beats)            G/B (1 beats) 
    Let Your Spirit come down, come down     **8 times, then back to Chorus** 

Second Instrumental and Ad-lib vocal interlude: 

Am      F      C      Em      (repeat 4 more times then back to bridge 

End song on " F chord" following the bridge 


*The first couple of times you play the Chorus after verse 1 is standard and goes into the first Instrumental. 
The next time you do the Chorus remains standard and goes immediately into the bridge (no Instrumentals). 
The 3rd set of times you go to the Chorus changes up: the first time you will play the Am and let it sustain 
and fade out (no F, C, or Em). The second time, you will play normal chords, but "break" on "running" ( Em ). 
The third time, you will continue to play normal progressions, but will "break" at the very end of "rain" just 
before you play the " C ." After that it is regular chord progressions with no breaks.* 

**Don't confuse beats with eight notes. The rhythm for the bridge is subdivided as Am - 4 eighth notes, 
G/B - 4 eighth notes, C - 6 eighth notes and the second G/B is 2 eighth notes; however, the actual rhythm is 
different every other time. The first time you play the bridge, chords are played in a doubles pattern 
(listen to the track from 2:43 to 2:50) then the next 3 times are eighth notes (2:51-3:10). Times 5 and 6 have 
no chords (drums only), then 7 and 8 go back to eighth note rhythm. Later in the song when you return to the 
bridge, you will repeat x-number of times and end on " F "**