Green Spandex chords

Xavier Rudd


  			I saw Xavier Rudd on Thursday and he was amazing. The next day i bought the  
CD and worked out this. Its my first tab and I've learnt to play by playing  
other peoples tabs so hopefully I can keep the cycle going.  
Xavier Rudd- Green Spandex (Solace)  
D                             C  
Well I guess this is, the rushed goodbye  
G                                  D  
That I thought would never come  
D                   C  
The woman who lit some light  
G                     D  
For a family in the dark  
D               C  
Staring at the, mi_rror  
       G                                D  
I see your smile through my own  
D                  C  
Spark imbedded deep inside  
Will give me strength  
Will give us hope  
C         G                D  
And I?ll never lose your touch  
C        G                D  
And I?ll never lose touch  
E          G            D  
This will take me a while  
E             G         D  
Because I miss your smile and I  
C          G              D          G  
I guess I knew your time would come  
C               G           D  
But for now I miss your smile  
D                       C  
Thank you for your loyal stance  
        G                      D  
Green spandex and crazy style  
D                     C  
Thank you for the happiness  
    G               D  
That you gave to our lives  
D                       C  
Although now our hearts are cracked  
        G                      D  
And our tears are slow to dry  
D                               C  
We must count ourselves the lucky ones  
        G                       D  
For we were with you in your prime  
Chorus    x2  
(Second time swap first two lines)  
Instrumental with crazy Xavier harmonies  
C       G       D  
Please stay in touch  
C             G         D  
Cos I need you in my heart  
C       G       D  
Please stay in touch  
C        G       D  
I need your touch