J.O.B. chords

Kevin Fowler


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  			By Kevin Fowler 
   D                    E                A 
At eight Monday mornin' I'm in my bed asleep 
            D                          E                       A 
Well now no bell ringin' thing tellin' me it's time to hit the street 
                 D                       E 
Oh No, don't you knock on my door 'cause I ain' a-comin' 
         A                   D 
Tell the bossman I quit or I died or something 
    D                                                E  
I'm doin' all those things I always said I wanted to do 
                D      E 
I don't want no J.O.B. bringin' me 
Down like a damn dog to my knees 
    D                E                      A  
All work and no play ain't no way for me to live 
            D                       E 
Well now my days too short, I ain't got no time 
I got one life, it's a-goin'-a be mine 
       D                    E           A 
Livin' wild and free, don't want no J.O.B. 
Well now the landlord's a-knockin, oh, I'm in one helluva mess 
Yea and I just got a letter from the folks at the IRS 
Well now the bills are piled high and the grass needs a-mowin 
Think I'll jump in my truck and just keep on going 
Find me a place where the drinks are free 
And the pretty girls all love me 
      D                           A         
Seems all I ever do is work these fingers to the bone 
   D                                    E                  A  
If this is all that life can offer, I'd rather be dead and gone