Tall Drink Of Water chords

Kevin Fowler


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Capo: 2st fret

A E B A 
A                             B                     A 
First time I saw her she came through them swingin' doors 
She was dancin' like a demon runnin' on golden floor 
A                   G             D/F#          F 
Looked just like an angel but she had a devil's smile 
      A                               E              A                                                           
And a body hot as southern rock, long hair and Texas smile. 

        A                              E        A                                             
She's a Tall Drink Of Water yeah she's long and lean 
And her, momma sure taught her how to sway and how to swing 
      A            G                  D/F#            F                                                             
There ain't no man alive I know who's ever claimed to court h-e-r 
These poor lips could sure use a drink of that  
E                   A 
T-all Tall Drink Of Water. 
 A G D/F# F A E A 
          A                         B            A         
Well I've had girls too skinny yeah some were to thick 
Some tiny as a button and some build like a stick 
       A             G                  D/F#             F 
Well I ain't nothin' against them girls Lord I love them all 
Well there ain't one there that I can compare to that  
E                    A 
Long legged southern doll. 
Chorus: X 3 
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