Haunted House chords

Perry Keyes and the Stolen Holdens


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A			                 D                 A 
They were married in the summertime on a balmy Valentine's Day 
They lived in a one bedroom terrace house in a backstreet off Broadway 
A                        D                      A 
They worked night shift in security they spent their nights in the bed 
                         E                   A 
Sometime it seemed to her their house it weren't no home. 
He would come home in the morning he would sleep for most of the day 
It was then that she knew their love would surely fade away 
One day she just left him she left a note on the fridge door 
It said I can't live in this haunted house no more. 
D                          A                 
I don't wanna live in this haunted house no more 
For me the sun it just don't shine down on our front door 
          A                             D              A 
It's a heartache and a sorrow from the ceiling to the floor 
                           E                A 
I don't wanna live in this haunted house no more. 
He came home from work and he saw the note, he read it in the living 
He felt the walls closing in on him but he was sure that she'd be  
							back soon 
He emptied a can turned on the TV set then he read that note once more 
But in his heart he knew she still loved him brother that was for sure 
Well as the years went by he was left alone to think of all the loving 
							they had 
That house was filled with a vaccuum and echos of a love gone bad 
He sat on the bed with a gun in his hand and left a note in the  
						dresser draw 
It read I just can't live in this haunted house no more. 
>From the LIVE CD release, October 1992   
Submitted by Ica ([email protected]) 
A swan/alp "WHERE'S THE CD" production.