Sandra's On The Way chords

Perry Keyes and the Stolen Holdens


Simplify chords 

  			>From "Live at Victoria on the Park 1992" 
Tabbed by Brian Ree  [email protected] 
Requested by Paul ICA Craven 
Openning Riff  (also played immediately after each chorus) 
  G            D/F#         Em           C 
G                     D         Em    C 
Sandra woeked at the local hotel 
G                     D 
Brought up near the bright lights 
Em             C 
Down where the tears fell 
Em           C 
She'd seen Kevin playing pool  
Em                       C      D     C 
But she was never one to suffer fools gladly 
D                 C     D 
But she loved him madly 
G            D                     Em   C 
Kevin had a chain tattooed on his neck 
G                  D 
Knew Sandra was a lonesome girl 
Em                 C 
Knew her life was a wreck 
Em                  C 
He took her out one Saturday night  
Em                  C     D      C 
The TNT sign burned holes in her eyes 
D                   C          D 
He could tell such bitter lies 
C                         G 
Gotta follow that trusted rule 
        D             C 
You get me and I get you 
                       G   D  C 
Theres nothing much to say ay ay 
Sandra's on the way 
Sandra's on the way 
G           D                 Em    C 
She left school when she was fifteen 
G           D 
Got a job downtown 
Em                   C 
she was the hip chick on the scene 
Em                      C 
Then one day at home her mum walked out 
Em                    C             D       C 
Her whole world came crashing down around her knees 
D           C         D     
So much for TV families 
G                  D                        Em  C 
Kevin swept the street he was a knockabout bloke 
G                           D 
He could tell a girl by the look in her eye 
Em                  C 
He could tell a good joke 
Em            C                  
Spent half his wages on the drink 
Em                   C     D      C 
Never took time to think a future plan 
D                         C           D       
He rode the world in the bottom of his hand 
G           D              Em  C 
Eighteen months down the track 
G                       D 
Kevin and Sandras got a little girl 
Em               C 
And a Housing Commission flat 
Em                C 
But they don't do nothing no more 
Em                       C      D     C 
Just fight out their own lonely little wars 
D           C 
Behind that door  
D                    C 
Up on the sixteenth floor    
D    C    D    C  
..............And they were married in the summertime... 
Go the Rabbitohs! \../ 
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