The Street Where You Were Baptised chords

Perry Keyes and the Stolen Holdens


Tabbed by Brian Ree (email-removed) This must be one of all-time great songs. Goes something like this folks........ Intro melody
e--------------------------- b---10-9-10--12-10-9--10-10- g---X--X-X---X--X--X--X--X-- D---7--6-7---9--7--6--7--7-- A-0------------------------- E--------------------------- e--------------------------- b---10-9-10--12-14-14-12-10- g---X--X-X---X--X--X--X--X-- D---7--6-7---9--11-11-9--7-- A-0------------------------- E--------------------------- Verse chords A A/G# A/F# A e--------------------- b--2---2-----2-----2-- g--2---2-----2-----2-- D--2---2-----2-----2-- A--0---0-----0-----0-- E------4-----2--------
Blue fire through the stratosphere Tattooed men sippin tainted beer Sid Williams hits the line TV flashes the sign of the times And Mohammed walks the streets Lookin good but talkin cheap Mum calls Darling sit still Put your feet off the window sill Chorus: A D I saw the moon rise A D Burning holes in Marys eyes A6 D While walkin the beat A6 D Straight through the heat A6 D/F# Down on the street D E A The street where you were baptised Young eyes thru the Gardeners Road gate Junk flies across the gutters gate Echos off the concrete floor Selling smiles thru the open door You flashed a badge across my eyes Always saying how you could fly As if I ever needed proof A spider man in a cowboy suit Repeat Chorus Bridge: A E D E Whoa whoa Whoa whoa Whoa C G F G Am G F I heard you stirrin, I heard you cough Am G F Some things you can't wash off, Like a Am G F cheap red brick and cracked asphalt F G E Laces on your boots, the buckle on your belt Run the lighter across your lips Ash falls from your finger tips It's no rehearsal you gotta get your kicks Jab the horse it's only got one trick I guess you do whatever you can When the boy becomes a man When childish dreams flash into hopes Then leave you buckled against the ropes Repeat Chorus I've seen you stumble I've seen you fall But theres no time to take it all >From every beach to every bar Every lonely thought in each second hand car The blue flame, the burnt cigarrette The pawn ticket and the stolen TV set The black cars , the silver crucifix the clear tear the pony with the one trick Repeat Chorus The street where you were baptised The street where you were baptised The street where you were baptised Billy is a runaway Billy is a runaway Billy is a runaway email-removed