Feels So Good chords



Transcribed by Dave Carr (email-removed) (use 5th fret A (E shape), and 5th fret D (A shape))
A D (Intro) E|-----------5-----------------5---- B|------5-------5--------7--------7- G|-6--6---6--------7--7-----7------- (x 4) D|-7---------------7---------------- A|---------------------------------- E|----------------------------------
(V1) A D When you touch me it feels so good A D You know you make me won't to scream A D When you hold me tight in your arms G E I cannot believe this dream (V2) Floating on a cloud the birds sing so loud And I'm buzzing with the bees High in the sky past the elephant's eye O won't you come ride with me (CH) A D A D It feels so good, and it feels so good A D G E And it feels like nothing that I've ever had (V3) Catch the sweet thing with the spider legs, Oh when it rains it really pours I taste the fruit all dripping on me It never felt like this before (V4) I am drowning in such sweet surrender And you sing me a lullaby The blood from my heart reaches my brain I've never been so high {CHORUS}
A--- into verse 5 e|---------------------------------- B|---------------------------------- G|---------------------------------- D|---------------------------------- A|-4^5--4^5--4^5--7--5--4^5^4--0--0- E|----------------------------------
(V5) I taste the poison when I touch your lips The poison in your kiss This strange feeling has come over me And I'm gonna love you to death (V6) A dream angel won't you fly in me Is that the devil in your eyes It feels so good when you're touching my skin Like I could almost die {CHORUS} x 2 A .....Oh