Holiday chords



Transcribed by Dave Carr (email-removed) Note: Alot of the time you can cheat with the B minor and just play B so you don't have to muck around with moving your finger shapes. And this is quite tricky to play, sorry 'bout that...just blame Simon! Also, all these chords are barred (G 3rd; C 3rd; D 5th; Bm 2nd), that's why it's tricky. (Intro) G Bm C D C G Here we go! (CH1) G Bm C D C G G Bm C I'm going on a holiday D C G E|------- So much for me to do B|------- G|-4^5^4- (use pinky while D|------- holding the rest of A|------- your fingers on the E|------- G chord) G Bm C D C G G Bm C I'm going on a holiday D C G Maybe just me and you (V1) D C G (twiddle with pinky as above) Cast a-sailing on the seaside (oo-oo-oo-ooo!) D C G (twiddle..) Breathing in the seaside air D C {Riff} Won't be long till I'm there
(Riff) E|------------------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------0--1^3^1-----0--1^3--1--0 G|------------------------------0--0--0--0------------0-------------- D|--------------------0--0^4--4^------------------------------------- A|------2--2^3--3--3------------------------------------------------- E|-3--3^-------------------------------------------------------------
{CH1} (V2) Set for adventure to the unknown Set a course for far away Won't be long till I'm there {Riff} x 2 (Mid) Bm C G D Life here's getting me down Bm C D I've just got to get away (CH2) We're going on a holiday Such fun for me and you We're going on a holiday Maybe we'll see you soon (V3) Surfing on the ocean waves Soaking in the sunny days Now I think maybe we'll stay {Riff2} x lots (end) We're going on a holiday... (to fade) (Riff) E|------------ B|-0^1^0-----3 G|--------0--- D|------------ A|------------ E|------------