That Aint Bad chords



Transcribed by Dave Carr (email-removed) Tempo = 134 (For this, the best chords are bar chords) D... E|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- A... E|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- B|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|-X- B|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- G|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|-X- G|---|---|---|---|-X-|-X-|--- D|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|-X- D|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|-X- A|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- A|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|-X- E|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- E|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- G...same as A but 2 frets lower (on 3rd) E...same as D but 2 frets higher (7th) B...same as A but 2 frets higher (7th) So that's all you here's the song (the first verse has just the bass and drums, but whatever) D A G A (V1) They told me that you were really bad news D A G A They said that you were no good for me D A G A They told me that you were a bad, bad person D A G A But you seem all right to me E B A B E (CH) I love you Ye..ah B A B E I love you Ye..ah B A B E I love you Ye..ah B A B I love you (V2) They told me that you hung around with all the wrong people They said that you were no good for me They said I should not even talk to you Oh now you seem all right to me {Chorus}
(SOLO) |-----this change quick | ---hammer on/pull off E|-------5--2-----2--12--10--5--2--2^3^2--3--2---------------- B|-3-----------3--------------------------------3>>>>(hold)--- G|----2------------------------------------------------------- D|------------------------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------------ E|----^3^2--3--7>>>>(hold)-7--5--4--5--7-/-7>>>7--5--4--5 B|-3------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------
(V3) They told me that you lied They said that you would do something bad to me But I cannot seem to see that side A-when, when you're holding onto me {Chorus} E B (END) And That Ain't Bad A B That Ain't Bad (I love you) (etc. to fade) (Fade out lyrics) Oh no, no I don't wanna ever not ever lose you, babe Because I just love to be around you! Coz you know I call you my friend! When you wanna go I just get scared, I don't wanna let you go I hold on for ever and ever and ever and ever And I walk around you with my heart in your hand You can walk around with mine because baby I love you (I love you)