Never Really There chords



(Riff) E|-4--0-----4--5--0-----5--4--0-----4--2--0---- B|-------0-----------0-----------0-----------0- G|--------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------- E|-2--4--0-----4--5--0-----5--4-----2-----0- B|----------0-----------0--------0-----0---- G|------------------------------------------ D|------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------
(V1) B A E I'm not wasting time I'm waiting for you B A E I'm not wasting time I'm waitng here {Verse1} (Ch) A E B E B Every time I'm with you I feel happy A B Then at times I just don't think you care B You never know I'm really there {Riff} (V2) Turn me on and off, you drive me crazy Turn me on and off, now disappear {Verse2} {Chorus}
(Run) E|-0------------------------- B|----4--0--2--0------------- G|----------------1--2--1---- D|-------------------------2- A|--------------------------- E|---------------------------
(Interlude) E F x 6 (best to use barre1 for F) {Chorus} {Riff} Never really there x 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------