The World chords



Transcribed by Dave Carr (email-removed) (INTRO) E.... E A B (x4) (note here: on "wrapper" version he plucks the G and B strings while playing the E chord on the 7th fret - A shape. You know, before playing the A and B chords its that little high 'da da'...don't get it, huh?) (V1) E B A The world is getting smaller each day I'm getting taller E And the globe is spinning faster round B A E A B As I'm a-getting older all the time (V2) The meek are getting stronger, the tall are getting shorter The buildings are all burning down Before the call the city sky is black (CH1) E A B E A B Hold on to give it away (x4) {Verse1} (V3) The clock is ticking faster as time becomes the master And it's time for us to all think fast If this world is ever going to last {Chorus1} Mid-bit: Need some bread to get fed I need some money to get my honey anything her little heart desires I need some loot for my new suit I need some cash to get some Has anybody seen where I put my cash? (CH2) E A B Easy come, easy go (repeat to fade)