Time Bomb (of hate) chords



Now for this little ditty, the way Simon plays it (IMHO) is from the 7th fret B, then up to the 9th fret F# (A shape), then the 7th fret E (A shape). Time Bomb (of Hate) (Ratcat) (Intro) B F# E F# x 2 (V1) B F# E Did you check the wires to the time bomb in my heart B F# E F# It's all set to go into a brand new start B F# E F# The clock's ticking now, the time's about to come B F# E F# When all will change, these feelings I have found (CH1) D F# G D Let me tell you now, I'm in love F# G D A G A D A G And it's you I've been dreaming of far too long (V2) Nothing that you say or do is gonna make me change the way The way that I feel about you Nothing that is on my mind is gonna make me change this feeling That our love is of a deadly kind (CH2) (Time bomb of hate) Let me tell you now, it was true romance And it's you who's enhancing my state of mind
(Solo) E|-2--2--0-----0----------------------- B|----------4-----4--2--0--2--0--4--0-- G|------------------------------------- D|------------------------------------- A|------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------- E|-2--2--0-----0--------------------4--2- B|----------4-----4--2--0--2--0--4------- G|--------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------- D F# G D F# G(barred