Tingles chords


---hit these on the 'up' stroke also | (very abruptly) (Riff) E|-------------- B|-------------- G|-5--5--5------ D|-5--5--5--4\5- A|-3--3--3--4\5- E|----------2\3- {Riff} x 4 (V1) {Riff} The cards are on the table {Riff}...etc. The tingles in my hands I know I'm going to win Play my every hand The blackjack table, roulette wheel Each sin my every vice When I meet the dealer Tonight it feels just right (CH) C(3rd fret) G(3rd f.) It's in the cards F {Riff} x 2 The future is in the cards (V2) My heart is feeling strong My nerves they feel like steel Lights go flash in my eyes Ready to spin the wheel I hold my breath, I think a song I know nothing will go wrong I feel my life go round again Go round again {Chorus} x 2 (Solo) E|-------------------------------------------------------------------- B|-------------------------------------------------------------------- G|-0--0--0-----------0--0--0--2--2--2--0--0--0-----------0------------ D|----------3--2--3-----------------------------3--2--3-----3--2--0--- A|-------------------------------------------------------------------3 E|-------------------------------------------------------------------- (times 2) E|-------------------------------------------------------------------- B|-------------------------------------------------------------------- G|----------------------------0--------------------------------------- D|-3--3--3--------0--3--3--3-----3--2-----------------------------0--2 A|----------2--3-----------------------3--3--3--------3--3--3--3------ E|----------------------------------------------2--3------------------ (times 2) G F E|-3----1------------ B|-3----1------------ G|-4----2------------ {Riff} x 2 D|-5----3----3--2--0- A|-5----3------------ E|-3----1------------ (V3) The wheel is spinning round Four aces in my hand The tingles getting stronger now This win will be so grand The cards are on the table This bluff I call to see Nothing beats the hand I hold This win was meant to be {Chorus} x 3 {Solo} (first two 'staffs' only) (End) E|--------------- B|--------------- G|-5--4--5------- (times lots..to fade) D|-5--4--5---4\5- A|-3--2--3---4\5- E|-----------2\3-