Couch Potato chords

The Melniks


Simplify chords 

  			Off the album "Have you ever noticed that Gordon from Sesame Street looks 
exactly like Errol from Hot Chocolate?"  
This is my first tab - so if its a crock of monkey snot, make those flames 
gentle.  Hope you like it Mrs Nuts :-) 
Standard tuning. 
Main bass riff: 
Riff #1 
Chords: Power chords G, C, D, A. 
And the song goes like this: 
Main bass riff x 2 
Main bass riff x 2 (or chords G C D) 
Chug the main bass riff over the verses, or play G C D 
It's good to know, that it's happening to you, 
I don't mind, as long as someone else is too, 
Watch the soapies, on the TV all day, 
Catch some Opra, it never lets you get away, 
Losing your mind, 
Losing your - 
G C D G C D G C A G 
It's good to know, that it's taken over you, 
Bla bla zombies, bla bla on the tube (NFI about the words) 
Check the program, nothing decent on today, 
Hit the volume, well sit and watch it anyway, 
Losing your mind, 
Losing your - 
G C D x 4 
Play riff #1 (other guitar G C D x 3, then finish on G) 
It's good to know, youre a couch potato too, 
Lets get married, call our first born Hannah Hugh (?) 
My parents tell me, about the days before TV, 
I'm so happy, I've had the opportunity, 
To lose my mind, 
Losing your - 
G C D x 4 
Play riff #1 twice (or just G C D) 
Finish by chugging that main bass riff again. 
Attempt at tab by Owen Seeman. 
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