Drew Romance chords

The Melniks


(From the album Schmelniks) Transcribed by Andrew Loch (email-removed) Intro chords: F#5 (244xxx) and B5 (x244xx) Intro and main riff G|3---3---|4444431-| D|--4---4-|-------4| A|--------|--------| E|--------|--------| For last intro riff replace last note (D string, 4th fret) with G string, 3rd fret. Verse chords: Gb5 (244xxx), B5 (x244xx), Db5 (x466xx) Chorus chords: Gb5 (x91111xx), B5 (799xxx) and Db5 (91111xxx) Riff at end of chorus G|3-4-3-4-6 D|--------- A|--------- E|--------- Final riff G|4-------|3-------|--------|--------| D|--------|------6-|4-------|24242424| A|--------|--------|--------|--------| E|--------|--------|--------|--------| and then Gb5 (x91111xx) and B5 (799xxx)