Tuffs chords

The Melniks

(From the album I know you are but what am I?) Transcribed by Andrew Loch (email-removed) Verse E-2----2-3-2---------------- B-3-3----------------------- G-3------------------------- D------------9-9-5---9-9-5-- A------------9-9-5---9-9-5-- E------------7-7-3---7-7-3-- In between verse and chorus is A chord (577xxx) Chorus chords part 1 G-7-|-6-|-7-| G----|----|----| D-7-|-6-|-7-| or D-12-|-11-|-12-| A-5-|-4-|-5-| A-12-|-11-|-12-| E---|---|---| E-10-|-9--|-10-| Chorus chords part 2 G---|---| D-4-|-9-| A-4-|-9-| E-2-|-7-|