Company chords

The Waifs


Simplify chords 

  			Intro and Verse 
Dm C Bb A 
Dm                   C              Bb 
I Just need company, can't stand it here by myself 
Dm                   C              Bb 
I just need company, do do do do do do etc 
Dm                    C              Bb 
WHen you're not here, I can't see the road again 
Dm                    C              Bb 
When you're not here, something deep in me is dead  etc 
The solo is pretty cool and not that hard to play.  It starts on the 
Dminor chord on the 5th Fret (A string) and then slides up to Dminor  
on the 10th fret 
Dm Scale 5th Fret  D Minor Pentatonic Scale 10th Fret 
e)-xx---------      /-10--13 
b)---5--6--8--      /-10--13 
g)---5--7-----      /-10--12--13 
d)-3-5--6--7--      /-10--12 
a)---5--------      /-10--11--12 
E)-xx---------      /-10--13 
Its a cool song to improvise a solo on, so just play around with the two 
scales, listen to the song, and have some fun!