Lighthouse chords

The Waifs


Simplify chords 

  			Am                              C            G                               Am 
Lighthouse tall and grand, standing on a cold headland.  
   Am                                     C             G        Am 
Shine your light across the sea, for a wayward sailor girl like me. 

        Am                   C     G       Am  
Lighthouse man, guide this sailor back to land.  
Am                                   C               G        Am 
Steer my ship on through the storm, back to waters safe and calm. 

Dm                                   Am       Dm                        
Sometimes i need a lighthouse of my own, it gets so dark i can't see which 
         Am           Am                      C             
way im going. lighthouse man im all at sea, shine your little lighthouse 
  G       Am 
light on me. 

 Am                           C                  G         Am 
Lighthouse man help us all, some are saved and some will fall. 
   Am                                     C                  G      Am 
He'll show you were the danger lies, but he can't help if you capsize. 
  Am                                    C                  G            Am 
He'll light your way but that is all, steer your own ship back to the shore. 

 Dm                                 Am 
Wont you light my lonely way back home.  
 Dm                                Am 
This sea is full of missery ands woe. 

       Am                                             C 
oh - woe - be - tide to those that say,  they don't need no light to 
  G          Am 
light there way. 

Am                                          C              G      Am 
They think there safe enough on there own, drown in murky depths below.