People Who Think They Can chords

The Waifs


Simplify chords 

  			None            G             Bm 
People who think they can 
C                   D                             G               Bm 
I want to be just like those who think they can 
C             D 
I want to be not so 
G   Bm  C         D 
far away from where I'd planned to 
G        Bm    C                D 
be by now time has a bad habit of 
 G                  Bm          C                               D 
flying - I was sleeping when it passed me by 
         Cminor                                  Bminor           F 
I was dreaming of what I would wear when I got there 
G          Bm              C                D 
It's not easy being green in a world where you have to 
G                       Bm                   C                        D 
tread on other people just to find a place to put your wares on 
G            Bm     C                         D 
show it's not required that you sing, write or 
G                             Bm                        C                   D 
play just wear the tightest one and smile in that certain way and 
G                     Bm   C    D 
think you can 
Guitar solo then 
Cminor                    Bm                                                      F 
I wanna be not so far away from where I planned to be 
G                   Bm           C               D 
Good things come to those who wait I'm going to 
G        Bm                              C             D 
Iift my head and keep my back up straight and when it 
G          Bm               C            D 
matters most and I can't be found I'll just 
G                  Bm                          C                           D 
climb to the top and you will find me hanging around with people who 
G                Bm   C   D 
think they can 
Cm       Bm 
Submitted by Sarah Groube