Gillian chords

The Waifs


Intro: (Use hammer-ons throughout whole song for an authentic sound) F C G C F C G C C C/B Am F G C C C/B Am F G C Oh Gillian, you're up with the sun C/B Am F G C And you've done one hundred things before half past nine C/B Am F G C By the time most folk are up and gone C/B Am F G C You'll be starting on one hundred and one F C G C There's not enough hours in the day F C G C To do all the things that she's got to do F G When the daylight fades C C/B Am And the night invades F G C She's only just begun Weary as you lay at night waiting for the sun Planning out tomorrow now before this day is done Gillian you work too hard But don't try and slow her down She'll tell you idleness is good for none, work's how I get my fun iIdleness is good for none, work's how I get things done Gillian, you're the one, you're the one Shining in my life, you're my eternal sun I'm trying to thank you now For what I've become But I've only just begun Your influence has been profound and I'm proud to be your son Your blood is my blood We are forever bound You're the inspiration to the way I live my life Gillian, if you weren't my mother I'd make you my wife