Haircut chords

The Waifs


* I usually play this C with a G in the root (332010) as I'm lazy and this makes 4th bar simply a movement of one finger rather than a chord change, which is good considering the progression is about to start again... ;) Technically leaving it open is fine too, however I'm 99% sure that she never hits that bass e in Haircut. Picking pattern is something like this: C C/B Am C G e|-------0------------0------------0----------------------| B|---------1------------1------------1----------1----0----| G|-----0-----0------0-----0------0-----0---------0----0---| D|--------------------------------------------------------| A|-3-------------0h2----------0--------------3------------| E|-------------------------------------------------3------| It isn't quite right, but it's close. This is played on occasion (ends of verses, etc) on the last bar instead of C and G. G e|-------3-------| B|---------3-----| G|-----0-----0---| D|---------------| A|---------------| E|--3------------| There is also another part (the break about 1/3 in) where a G7 is used with roughly the same pattern, kinda like this... G G G7 |-3-||-3-||-3-|* e|-------3------------3--------------1----1----1----1-----| B|---------3------------3--------0-----0----0----0----0---| G|-----0-----0------0-----0--------0-----0----0----0----0-| D|--------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------| E|--3------------3-----------3----------------------------| I can hear an upward moving run where the triplets(?) are played, but I don't think it's her guitar, perhaps another one, or one of the other instruments, or I'm going nuts. * I think these are triplets, however I'm too tired right now to think about it :) So yeah, peice it all together and off you go, And the song ends on a C!